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Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Apex Anatolians work together in Montana to protect their stock, family, and property from the local apex predators including grizzly and black bear, mountain lion, gray wolf, coyote, bald eagle, and more. A high predator score means we need dogs who are able to work together to keep threats from seeing opportunities here. We have strong bonds with our dogs, and our dogs protect what we care about. Working LGDs are not meant to be feral or untouched. Every breeding prospect is a proven worker, CHIC certified after age 2 (minimum Hip & Elbow certification), and temperament tested prior to moving forward. Raised with mixed stock (cattle, sheep, pig, poultry) and human children, our dogs and pups tend to be highly adaptable. We perform exclusive temperament and work aptitude evaluations on our pups prior to placements. Apex is dedicated to placing each pup in their best-fit home that will honor who the individual puppy wants to be as they grow. This means that your application is very important, and that you may have to wait for the right pup to be born for you and your family!