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My love for the sport started in 2006. My first breed was English Bulldog followed by French Bulldogs. Later in 2015 I was introduced to what I call now my heart breed, the BASENJIS and I hope to continue the legacy that my mentor passed onto me MIBRE BASEJIS will continue for generation to come. In addition I love learning about many breeds and I currently co-breed and show Beagles, Bulldogs and Brussell Griffons with some great friends of my that I consider my extended family. We are members of the parent clubs and multiple specialty clubs. It is our goal and commitment to breed HEALTHY & BEAUTIFUL representatives of the breed with stable & sound temperaments. We take pride on the quality of puppies we produce. ALWAYS REMEMBER, just because you are NOT going to show your dog, doesn’t meant you have to settle for a lesser quality puppy ! Pet Spay/Neuter Contracts does not mean you get a PET quality puppy. Breed to Improve and protect the breeds we love !!!

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